RFP/Provider Search

Plan sponsors face intense scrutiny by Congress and the Department of Labor over real or suspected ERISA violations. Failure to manage this risk is costly, and employee litigation is on the rise.

Align takes a proactive stance to help clients contain fees, expand provider services and enhance investment opportunities with our innovative fee benchmarking process and proprietary e401k Proposal™ System.

Our own unique process offers quantitative and qualitative metrics for a thorough and balanced analysis. As a member of the Retirement Plan Advisory Group, we have dedicated in-house RFP analysts that perform hundreds of searches annually. And we proactively meet with providers, stay current on products, and participate in site visits for ongoing due diligence of each provider’s competitive advantages.

Robust RFPs

Align has a wealth of provider data at our fingertips with a powerful and accurate e401k Proposal™ System that stores thousands of knowledge points on more than 40+ different service providers. The entire system enables us to intelligently measure plan fees, services and investments.

We can quickly and efficiently validate your decision to remain with your current provider or uncover justification to move to an alternative provider. If a full search is not your intention, allow us to conduct a fee benchmarking to ensure your compliance with ERISA requirements to periodically compare your plan to the marketplace. Here’s how we inspire your confidence:

  • Conduct an Initial Needs Analysis
  • Develop a full RFP Questionnaire
  • Integrate Investment Platform Rankings
  • Perform Response Compilations/Spreadsheeting
  • Present a Total Cost Analysis
  • Communicate Benchmarking Results

And, to ensure you receive end-to-end service, we also provide complete Conversion Assistance when moving to an alternative plan provider is in your best interest.

We can help you have actionable knowledge you need to meet your fiduciary responsibility, validate or change your plan.